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The Twinjo Experience!

Whether your looking for a complete 360 solution to your artistic product or seamless demo experience, here at Twinjo, we focus on branding artists that enter our establishment. The attention to detail would be second to none. We also have studios available for rentals with engineer on premise and staff that will consult your artistic product. We simply just don't make beats - we create an artistic experience positioning you for further success in the entertainment field.

Equipment List

    • Akai
    • Audio Technica
    • Focusrite
    • Mackie
    • Motu
    • Neutrik
    • Pro-Tools
    • Rane
    • Steinberg
    • Waves
    • Yamaha


Mixing is an essential part of music production. It helps organize, clarify and audibly enhance nuances that help capture and project the emotional elements and dynamics of each unique production.


Mastering is very undisclosed and overlooked process that is absolutely CRUCIAL in the conclusion of any production process. To ensure your project stands above the rest, please be inquire about our mastering services.

Branding Tools

At twinjo we contain all the branding solutions you will need to commercially initialize your presence within the entertainment industry - web design, album art, banners logos, etc.

Audio Production

We at twinjo make production a unique process for each client we work with. This is very important to us for the simple fact that every artist is unique, therefore we are able to tailor each audible masterpiece to perfectly suit our clients.

Artist Development

A lost art of the industry has been sustained by our company and seemlessly integrated into our work flow to passively instill progress in our clients abilities and encourage growth.